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Scarlett Johansson With Flat-Top Style


Scarlett Johansson has got the most unique flat-top style hat is really simple to achieve. This hairstyle looks like crew haircut where your hair will have more flair. Your hair will be long on top of the head in this style and the sides of the head will be cut short like the crew cut. It has been a popular hairstyle among people from a very long time and women prefer this hairstyle if they want to keep their hair short.

To achieve Scarlett Johansson look, first you need to fix an appointment with the hairstylist as they can create this cut within few minutes without any fault. The hair will be cut in even length on the sides of your head near the scalp. The crown hair will also be cut short in the same way which must easily match with your head to give a completely flat look. Then you can use a hair gel to spread it over the hair and start pulling the hair up to make it stand out of your head. Brush your hair towards the ceiling with the help of fine-tooth brush which will make the hair stand straight up if required and adjust it with your fingers if you have a medium length hair. Finally mist the entire hair on top of the head with a spray to keep it in place and if your hair is still damp try to dry it with a dryer.

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