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Ways To Prepare Glycerin Shampoo At Home


Shampoo is one of the best products for washing your hair and it is available in different options. There are ingredients that have been added in the shampoo for treating your hair in the best way. You can also prepare your own shampoo at home for using it on the hair. One of the ways to prepare a shampoo at home with glycerin that can help to moisturize the hair perfectly without causing any damage. Consult your hairstylist to know which of these following options are best for your hair.

The first option to prepare the glycerin shampoo is by taking castile soap and cut it into piece with food processor. You must have at least ¼ cup of castile soap which must be mixed with ¼ cup of hot water. Try to mix the content to get it dissolved properly in the water and include 2 tbsp of glycerin and half tbsp olive oil. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and let it cool for few minutes. Now you can apply it on the hair as a regular shampoo. The second option is taking one cup of hot water in a bowl and add four chamomile tea-bags in the bowl. Leave it to steep for just ten minutes and mix 4 tbsp soap flakes. Once these products get dissolved properly, try to mix 1 tbsp glycerin in the bowl and leave it to cool for few minutes before applying it over hair as usual.

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