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Braiding Hair With Underhand Method


There are different ways to create the braid and one of the method is underhand that can really give a beautiful look. You will have a braid that will be placed completely flat over your head with an elegant look. This is really and unique method of creating the braid that is different from the regular braiding technique. You need to get some practice before achieving this hairstyle in a perfect way.

Start by combing your hair to make it tangle free and apply a hair mousse. Brush the hair from scalp to end and make a middle part. Then create a ponytail and pull out a small hair part in the front section. Next you have to make three parts with the section and start making the braid by taking right part hair piece under left which will become middle strand. Pull out middle hair strand to make it right strand and take the left strand under your center strand to make it new middle strand. Keep your all the hair strands tightly secured in your hand and try to include new parts to the middle hair strand by pulling out new hair pieces from underneath center hair part for adding it with your braid. Continue this method of braiding till the end of your hair before securing it using a hair band. Take another part of hair from the ponytail and follow the same instructions to achieve the braided look.

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