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Steps To Prevent Hairline Shadow


Hairline shadow can occur when you try to shave the head with a wrong technique and tools. Most of the people like to cut their hair short due to different reasons and the hairline can occur due to this. There are ways to prevent the hairline shadow. The hair will be completely shaved by men only when compared to women. Try to cover the head with sun protection lotion whenever you are going out of your home which will protect the scalp and also maintain it healthy.

Making your hair grow longer can increase your problem, so try to maintain the hair shorter in length. Then you must wash the hair with warm water which will make the hair soft and cutting process will become easy. Always dry your hair by wiping it with a towel and you can also wrap the head with a towel dampened in hot water. Make the towel to stay on your head for fifteen minutes and remove it gently. Try to use a shaving cream over the head and use a razor blade to shave your head. You must shave the head in hair growth direction and always begin the process from the sides. The head must be shaved at least twice by applying the shaving cream. Then rinse the head using normal water and end it with cold water. At last use aftershave lotion over the head and purchase the lotion that features vitamin E.

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