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Using Pressing Comb To Make Hair Fully Straight


Pressing comb is one of the tool that can be used to make the hair straight without getting into trouble. It is one of the best ways to get a straight hairstyle that can be done at home without consulting a hairstylist. You can select any one of the pressing combs as it is available in two different types. You must get some practice before using the pressing comb on your own at home without any help. Also be careful while using the pressing comb as it can be extremely hot. Also plug it out of the electric socket before using it over the hair to prevent any shock.

Try to select the best pressing comb featuring temperature indicator as it will help to know the heat. You must use the pressing comb with 300 degrees-F which is the best option to make the hair straight. Divide your hair into parts depending upon its thickness and check the heat of your pressing comb by sliding it over the towel. If you find any burn marks, try to wait for few more minutes before using it over the hair parts. Gently wrap the pressing comb over your hair and keep it away from your scalp as it can cause burns. To make the hair straight near the roots, use back of your pressing comb and slide it through the roots slowly. Secure the first straightened part and then move to another part of your hair.

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