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Ways To Color Gray Temples


Having a gray temple can be really disturbing especially if your remaining hair holds its natural color. Instead of coloring the entire hair, there are simple ways to cover the gray temples. You have to touch up the gray temples once in 3 weeks to prevent it from showing. First select the best coloring product such as a semi-permanent color featuring conditioning items. While applying the coloring product near the temples, keep it away from your hairline and most importantly do a strand test to avoid allergies.

Try to brush your entire hair behind the head and secure it as a ponytail. Now take a castor oil for applying it around the hairline which will keep the color away from your skin. Cover the shoulder with a cloth and take the coloring product. Read the instructions carefully before using the coloring product and don’t forget to shake the bottle. Take the coloring product in a bowl and apply it over the temple using your fingers after wearing the hand gloves. Make sure that your hair strand near the temple gets covered with the coloring product. Continue to apply the color over the temple till it gets covered completely and you don’t see any gray hair. Leave the color over the temples as per the time mentioned on the product and rinse the entire hair as usual. Finally use leave in hair conditioner over the head and you are ready to move out.

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