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Miley Cyrus With Twist Cut


Miley Cyrus has got a simple twist cut that is an easy way of styling your hair. Most of the people visit a hair specialist to get this haircut achieved easily. But with little effort you can get it done at home. It is a really simple method that must be followed perfectly to get this haircut. You must use a thinning shears to create the twist cut and get a completely professional look. Your split ends will be cut using the thinning shears and also the hair around your head will be trimmed slightly.

To achieve Miley Cyrus like twist cut, try to pull out a small section of hair and brush it gently using a standard comb. Next slowly twist this section using your forefinger as well as thumb to reach the hair ends and use the thinning shears to comb this section. You have to keep on combing the hair section with your thinning shears till it gets trimmed like a twisted section of hair. Continue this method of trimming along with twisting the entire hair over the head which will give you the trimmed look. Now go through your head and mainly around the neck area to see whether you have any flyaways and use the thinning shears again over this area. Only men follow this technique to get the twist cut on their head, but with practice anyone will be able to achieve this hairstyle very easily.

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