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Creating A Bun With Fishtail Braid


Fishtail braid is one of the unique hairstyles that can be twisted further to make a beautiful looking bun. You can easily create an attractive look after the fishtail braid is created into a simple bun. This is the perfect option for those who have medium or lengthy hair. Once you have created the bun with your fishtail braid, try to mist it with a hairspray.

Start by combing the hair from top to end which will make it smooth and easy to create the braid. Next divide the hair as three different parts and try to cross the left part on your middle hair part. Then cross right hair part on your middle part and keep it in between middle as well as left part to make the middle part as your new right hair part. Now pull your entire hair strands on top of the head and secure it in place which will complete your braid. Take your middle part to create two sections and combine the half part with your left section of the hair. The remaining half must be included with your right hair section. Continue this crossing process of your hair and you will see the fish herringbone shape once the braid is completed. Use a rubber band at the end of your hair section to keep it in place. At last twist your braid to create the bun at the back of your head to end the styling.

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