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Dual Lace Braid Hairstyle


A dual lace braid is one of the most beautiful hairstyle that can be the right choice for people who are attending a special event. There are various methods that can be followed to achieve this hairstyle and the following is one of the really simple ways. You can create this hairstyle with your natural hair and even with a synthetic hair.

First you need to make at least 3 different parts in your hair which includes top and side of the head just near your forehead. Try to braid the hair just along your hairline over left side towards right side. Try to include additional lock of hair to your braid before starting the process and make sure it is directed towards the same side of your head. Just begin to take the hair locks that are angling in one direction and pull it towards the side of your braid. You must maintain the three locks of hair even as it will be woven. Continue this method of braiding along your hairline and secure it one place behind the ear. Now begin from behind your head towards the other side and make three locks to create the second braid. During the braiding process, try to collect additional hair locks for adding it with the braid along your hairline. Finally twist your hair and secure it with ponytail holder. You can also use bobby pins to keep the braided hair in place.

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