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Shania Twain Rebond and Permed Hair


Shania Twain with a rebonded and permed hair gives her a unique and simple look. It is easy to achieve smooth looking hairstyle by following this simple method. You can also create the curly look on any type of hair and most of the celebrities like to achieve this type of hairstyle. The perm and rebonded look can be created without visiting a hair specialist, but try to purchase few hairstyling tools.

Try to properly condition your hair at least few weeks before proceeding with your hairstyling. You can use olive oil for conditioning your entire hair and brush it gently using a normal comb to make it tangle free. Then take your perm kit to check the instructions carefully and mix it perfectly in a bowl. Now separate your hair into sections before rolling each of them with foam rollers. Follow the instructions during the perming process which is really important to prevent damage to your hair. After some time, remove your foam rollers out of the hair and rinse it with water. Spread a deep conditioning product over the hair and move it on all the strands of hair using your fingers. Let it stay on the hair for4-5 minutes before rinsing the hair with water once again. Gently remove the water out of your hair and comb it as usual after applying a leave-in hair conditioner. You can style the hair only after 3 days using different hairstyling techniques.

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