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Hot Oil For Treating Dark Colored Hair


Have you colored the hair dark and looking to remove the dye at home. Then you can try out the permanent oil treatment. The dark colored hair can enhance the look of your hairstyle, but sometimes it can also spoil your entire look. In such case you can try to use the hot oil for removing the color out of your hair. You can follow this method whenever the color on your hair looks dark.

First take half cup olive oil which must be heated in a microwave and leave it to cool down. Now take the olive oil for applying it over the hair and scalp completely. Also spread the oil below your hair and make sure to use generous amount of olive oil. Next you must cover the head with a plastic wrap which will keep the olive oil over the head without getting dipped. Then cover your plastic wrap with a towel and leave it for about half an hour. Now you can wash the hair using a normal clarifying shampoo as it is the best option to remove the color out of your hair. You can also leave clarifying shampoo for few minutes on the hair before getting it rinsed fully. Avoid heating the olive oil too much as it can cause damage to the scalp. You can also use the hot oil on your hair regularly as a hair conditioner which is perfect for maintaining hair healthy.

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