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Steps To Prepare Creamy Hair Conditioner


Creamy hair conditioner is the best styling product to maintain the moisture in your hair. You have to apply this product on the hair after it becomes fully dry. Instead of purchasing a creamy conditioner from a store, you can prepare the product at your home. With the help of few products you can prepare the conditioner which includes coconut, olive oil, etc. If you required try to mix other essential oils to make the product smell good. Just use the same amount mentioned while creating your hair conditioner and the creamy hair conditioner will also add shine into the hair.

To prepare the product, first take 1/4 cup conditioner purchased from a store and pour it in the spray bottle. Then mix 1/8 cup oil and 1-1/2 oz distilled water in the same bottle. Try to mix them properly by shaking the bottle. Then add 1 tbsp of silk peptide powder as well as 1 tbsp of vegetable glycerin in the spray bottle and mix 5 drops essential oil. Try to shake the bottle once again to mix all the products together in the right way. You can start applying this product on regular basis and the hair will maintain its moisture as usual. This is one of the best hairstyling products that can be applied on the hair before creating a particular hairstyle. Select the essential oil that is regularly used for styling the hair and mix it in the spray bottle.

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