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Hairstyle With Foam Curler Waves


Foam curler waves can be achieved very easily and it can be done with few simple styling tools. Earlier people used to use rags to create the waves in their hair, but you can create them with the help of foam curlers. The foam curlers can be left on your hair overnight which will make the air to enter into the hair easily. While securing the hair with foam curler, keep it slightly loose and not tight.

First shampoo wash your hair and dry it normally using a towel. You can also apply gel over the hair strands if needed. Then take medium rollers for using it on the hair in front of the head. Just use roller clip to secure hair into separate parts and keep its ends in the roller which must be rolled back towards your scalp. Secure this part with the clip in place and use the same technique on the remaining sections over the head. Try to roll your hair at the sides and behind the head in the same way, but make sure to use largest rollers on these hair parts. Let the foam curlers stay on your head overnight and wear the sleep cap before going to bed. Next day you can take the curler out of the head gently and you can see the curls fall on their own perfectly. Don’t comb the hair with a brush and mist the curls with a spray.

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