Using Color-Renewal Mask From Riflessi

  Riflessi is available in different shades which are the best option to color your hair and even condition with minor changes in your look. The color-removal mask from Riflessi can easily blend away with gray hair and revive your damaged hair by adding shine to it. You can apply this product on hair will […]

Remove Static Electricity From Hair By Brushing

  Static electricity can give a hard time for your hair during cold dry seasons where the hair strands will stand up at the end. This can be a serious issue for many as there will be crackling sound heard while brushing the hair due to static electricity. Brushing the hair along with the static […]

Using Brewers Yeast For Treating Hair

  Brewers yeast is used for various treatments such as baldness, prevent gray hair and also add shine to it. This product features B vitamins that are the perfect choice to grow your hair strong and healthy on regular basis. The brewers yeast is also available in various other products such as fruits, yogurts, vegetables, […]