Take Out Keratin Glue From Extensions

Keratin glue is used on the hair extensions which are normally pre-applied in solid form. The extensions will be applied by just keeping it over your natural hair and then melting keratin glue with the help of hot iron. You have to follow a proper method to take the keratin glue from the extensions using […]

Maintaining Moisture In Bleached Dreads

Bleaching is a process that can cause serious damage to your hair. Mainly it can damage the hair very badly for those who have dreads. It is important to moisturize the dreads in the right way to maintain them in perfect shape after the bleaching process. There are several ways that can help to maintain […]

Steps To Prepare Detangling Hairspray At Home

Detangling hairspray is the perfect option to prevent tangles in your hair without getting them damaged. Most of the people will try to brush their hair to remove the tangles which can be painful as well as damage the hair seriously. But the detangling hairspray you can easily prevent this from happening. There are different […]

Ways To Make Hair Conditioner With Egg White

Hair conditioners are one of the best products to maintain your hair healthy. There are different types of hair conditioners available in the market, but you can also prepare one at home. You can just take the egg white to prepare your own natural hair conditioner that can offer you the same result as a […]