Iggy Azalea With Hairline Braid

  Iggy Azalea is wearing a hairline braid that is easily created at home within few minutes. It is one of the most unique hairstyle that is very simple to achieve. Anyone with short to long hair can achieve this hairstyle without getting support from anyone. To get this hairstyle, first comb your hair and […]

Dealing With Frizzy Hairline

  Frizzy hairline can be mostly found among people with curly hair as it is very difficult to control. There are few things that can help in dealing with the frizzy hairline without using any special hairstyling products. Washing the hair and conditioning it with proper technique is very important to control the frizzy hairline. […]

Taking Care Of Dry Patches In Hairline

  Having dry patches near the hairline can be very much annoying and it can be taken care with some simple styling techniques. The dry patches normally occur while using band shampoos. If you leave shampoo remains on the hair after getting it washed, it can also lead to dry patches. Always use warm water […]