Steps To Prevent Thinning After Hair Coloring

  Most of the women like to color their hair on regular basis. But sometimes the hair can become thinner due to the coloring process, so in such cases there are few things that must be taken care to solve this problem. The best ways to avoid hair thinning after the coloring process is getting […]

Steps To Prevent Spots On Highlighted Hair

  Most of the time while highlighting your hair, there will be spots on some part of your hair. It is due to the highlights entering into the highlighting cap staying over your scalp. The highlighting color will then expand and maintain a light color during the drying process. The spots will be visible after […]

Prevent Greasy Look in Your Straight Hair

  While making your hair straight, there are chances that it can become slightly greasy. Most of the time you will be using hairstyling products that will give your hair a greasy look once it has been straightened. There are ways to prevent the greasy look in your hair after the straightening process. Instead of […]

Prevent Dry Hair From Demi-Permanent Color

  Demi-permanent color used on the hair to change its color is known to make it look dry. Most of the people face this problem and this happens due to a simple mistake. It is important to follow a special routine while dealing with the demi-permanent colored hair. You must purchase the demi-permanent color that […]

Natural Ways To Prevent DHT Production

  DHT is also known as metabolite dihydrotestosterone is one of the main reason behind hair loss. This normally occurs due to enzymes in your scalp receives testosterone where the hair growth gets interrupted. It is important to reduce the production of DHT to prevent hair loss. The first option is consuming green tea tablet […]